Remember When?

Dust off your old photo albums and see whether you have any old photos from our elementary, junior high, or high school days. We'll add them to our collection....

Remember Charm Bracelets?

Photo submitted by Trudy Mills Watson

1968 Miniature Football

Photo submitted by Anna Lampo Parker

Student Council sold these items our senior year for the basketball tournaments

Photo submitted by Steve Fonteyne

 Mr. Hansen's Fifth Grade Class-Bowlesburg School ---1963

Photo submitted by Cindy Anderson May



Can you identify any one in this 2nd grade class from Lincoln School, East Moline? Valerie Pompa, Kathy Kerns, Barb McIntosh, Brenda Williams, and Pam Thompson are easy to spot..   

Photo submitted by Kate Kerns Crain




Here's a photo of Miss Aldrich's 4th grade class at Wells School. Who do you recognize? 

Photo submitted by Pam Wendel Williams



Here's a photo of Mrs. Steven's 6th grade class at Bowlesburg School? Does anyone look familiar? 

Photo submitted by Trudy Mills Watson


Glenview Junior High---circa 1965 

Photo submitted by Kate Kerns Crain


St. Mary's Catholic School- 8th Grade Graduates- 1966

Photo submitted by  Linda Shaner DaySt. Mary's, East Moline, IL 1966 Basketball Team



St. Mary's Catholic School. East Moline -1966 Boy's Basketball Team

Photo submitted by Linda Shaner Day